Studio 104 is a creative workspace for anyone looking to learn and hone their skills in the world of videography, podcasting or audio recording. Fully stocked with professional grade cameras, audio studio equipment, backdrops and sound dampening it’s a flexible space where your creativity is the limit! Whether you want to finally start on that album, need a home for your podcast or just need a space to get some good green screen shots, this space was created with you in mind! 

  • Includes – Access to all AV equipment including backdrops, podcasting hardware lights and microphones! Just plug in your laptop and get to work! 
  • Audio Studio – An acoustically treated room fully equipped with professional grade microphones and studio monitors, this space is perfect for the upcoming artist looking for a place to set up their studio and track, or mix. 
  • Video Studio – This space is stocked with a professional savage paper backdrop paired with LED lighting for a variety of background colors. There is also a green screen and second backdrop for multiple background options all on an easy roll down crank for quick setup and adjustments along with a 3 point lighting setup for simple shots. Separated from the rest of the room by a thick light absorbent curtain, this space is perfect for shooting Youtube vlogs, music videos or instructional videos for your organization! 
  • Podcast Studio – This space comes with an area for you to launch or shoot your podcast! The podcast setup comes with a USB condenser microphone, Macbook Pro and digital mixing software! Feel free to bring in your own computer and plug into our setup including an El Gato capture card, or just use our in-house laptop! Visit the South by East Podcast page! 
  • Vocal Lessons – Vocal lessons are now available. Please use the reservation form to book your lesson today!
Check out the Videos below that were created in Studio 104!

Please complete the reservation form below if you are interested in using Studio 104. *All requests are subject to approval and at a first come basis.


At Fellowship Hi-Crest, we have lots of space to use for your event. Whether you are having a formal dinner event, performance rehearsals, anniversary celebrations, or anything else, we have the space for you! Along with our worship center, we have classrooms, and outdoor space for your event. If you are interested in using Fellowship Hi-Crest event space or hosting an event at The Ford Center, please use the Event Request Form below, and a member of staff will be in touch soon. *Events are subject to approval.

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