Welcome to the South By East Podcast, where we discuss culture, the scriptures, and everything in between and how they impact SE Topeka with your co-hosts Johnathan Sublet and Brail Watson.

Why this podcast?

Hi-Crest is 2 miles from the capitol building, but most people have no idea where it is. We live in a seemingly connected world, but everyday people can feel disconnected. You can wonder how the scriptures and the city, state, national, and global events hit me as an ordinary person. How should I respond? How can I grow my knowledge of them and their impact on my community? 

Beyond that, how can the everyday person with little time and resources who already feel overwhelmed by life lead transformational movements in their context? We will use the podcast to interview others, talk about current events, and share what we see as a part of our work in the Hi-Crest community. We hope this time together will reaffirm the value of living a normal, non-radical life while consistently loving others over the long term for those in Southeast Topeka and beyond.


We’re glad you’re here for our second season titled, “Generations”, where we will be exploring current education trends that have the potential to impact our children and communities for generations to come. 

We think you have insights to share, and experiences that others will be interested to hear. By leaving us a message you are providing consent for us to potentially include your comments during podcast episodes. Please state your name, restate the question, and provide your response when leaving your message. We thank you in advance for your active participation.

You can answer any of these questions: 
  • What do you value most about education?
  • How has your educational experience been different than what you imagined?
  • For better or worse, what is different today from when you were in school?
  • Did you enjoy school? Was there a particular experience that shaped your ideas about education?
Share your thoughts by calling: (785) 251-0814


Johnathan Sublet

I am the servant pastor at the multi-cultural Fellowship Hi-Crest Church in Topeka, Kansas. My passion to walk alongside others and help them live into their innate worth drives everything I do – from serving as the founder and chairman of the board of SENT Inc., to serving on a variety of community organizations focused on community development, health, housing, education, racial reconciliation, and economic empowerment. Currently, I live in the Hi-Crest Neighborhood of Topeka, Kanas, with my wife Tricia and children Silas, Toby, and Claudette. Before my time in Topeka, I lived and worked in Texas. I earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Tulsa. In my early career, I worked as a successful chemical engineer in a Fortune 100 company, where I developed leadership skills working with a diverse team on large-scale projects. The call to ministry was just beginning and while working, I earned my Master of Arts in Christian Education and Educational Leadership from Dallas Theological Seminary. During that time, I served as an assistant minister, and then youth pastor at 2 local churches. But, when a mentor challenged me to find the “one thing” I had to do, rather than “all the things” I could do, I left it all behind, sold most of my possessions, chose to live in a low-income apartment complex, and raise support as a missionary church planter – all to have the opportunity to wholeheartedly love a people and a place. I’ve never looked back.

Brail Watson

I currently serve as Worship Director for Fellowship Hi-Crest Church and simultaneously manage my own music brand - Braillionaire. I devote time to my community through my involvement in organizations like SENT Inc., YoungLife – Topeka, Top Teer, and the Topeka Boys & Girls Club. And, in 2021, I recruited funding and support to launch the Love Today to Live Tomorrow Project, a project based learning program to foster civic engagement for elementary and middle school students and help them build life and professional skills stopping the cradle to poverty pipeline in Hi-Crest.


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