Our Sunday services start at 11:00 AM



Below are documents and links available to assist you in reading, studying, learning, and praying through scripture.

At Fellowship Hi-Crest when we say church, we are not referring to a building or an event. When we say church, we are referring to a group of people whose lives center around Gospel and Community. Gospel is always our content and Community is always our context.

Gospel has two parts. The first part is Word or the Gospel in the Air. The Gospel in the air is everything we believe about who God is and what he has done for us through His son Jesus Christ. The second part is Mission or the Gospel on the Ground. Mission is simply how we live out what we say we believe.

Community is how we define what it means to do life with us. When someone asks if a certain person is a member of Fellowship Hi-Crest we look to see whether not they are doing these seven discipleship rhythms with us. 

  1. Daily Devotion: This consists of spending time in the word daily. We supply free bibles and use the REAP method to study the scriptures. 
  2. Prayer: This consists of developing our vertical relationship through using the Praise, Repent, Ask, Yield method of communicating with God.
  3. Serve the Community: We want to be active outside the walls through Love Topeka weekends, ShareFest annually, and our other Local Partnerships.
  4. Sacrificial Generosity: This means sacrificially giving our finances, time, talent and encouragement of others.
  5. Freedom from Strongholds: This happens through accountability.
  6. Share Your Story: This is where evangelism fits in the picture.
  7. Celebration: Christians should throw Good Parties! We should throw the best parties. Sunday mornings and Family Dinners on Wednesday nights on are also times where we come together to celebrate the goodness of God.


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