At Fellowship Hi-Crest we will submit a merchandise order every 6 weeks! If you’d like to purchase merch, please use this link to order and purchase. Below are examples of what is available at this time. Watch for more product updates!

Power Up, Pour In, Spill Out T-Shirt

Available in Black and Charcoal
Adult Small - XL $20
Adult 2XL & 3XL $25

Power Up, Pour In, Spill Out Hoodie

Available in Red and Charcoal
Adult Small - Adult XL $40
Adult 2XL & 3XL $45

Enough is Enough T-Shirt

COMING SOON! We will have these t-shirts available in house at Fellowship Hi-Crest for a limited time and quantity. Once they are in, communication will be sent and updated!
Available in sizes Adult Small - Adult 3X
$12 each

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