Fellowship Hi-Crest will be offering two 5-week online study series. Mountains will start June 7th and Valleys will start July 19th.

Why this study?

  • Often people adopt a word for the year to guide their lives but need fundamental tools to explore what that word means from the scripture. At Fellowship Hi-Crest, we desire people to lead lives guided by scripture and not just supported by scripture. These studies will help equip people in this way.

Who should do this study?

  • The study is intended for anyone who wants to grow in their knowledge of God’s word, their skill in studying God’s word, and their engagement with the God of the scriptures.

Where do we access the study materials?

  • We will have a special online course set up in our online campus group. We have an exclusive agreement with the author where she is recording 3-5 minute videos to help introduce each chapter of the studies. Can you believe that? The only place where these will be available is in the online course that will be available in our online Campus Facebook group.
    • People will also need to sign up to be a part of the FHC online campus group and the online course offered through that platform.

What do we need?

  • We are special ordering 50 copies of each study and selling them for $12 each. So participants can buy them one at a time for $12 each or together for $24. But we will only have 50 copies available. After those are gone, people will need to get them through other platforms. 


Apr 22 2023
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