Saturate Field Guide

As a church, our mission is to walk alongside others in community through the power of Jesus Christ. But how do we do that in a culture that is more divided, distracted, and distant than ever? How do we engage one another and live a life that is meaningful and mission-filled? In the Fall, Fellowship Hi-Crest will be walking through the Saturate Field Guide together as a church to answer these questions!

More than a bible study! 

This 8-week journey offers an all-of-life approach to being disciples who make disciples of Jesus Christ. The Saturate Field Guide is filled with questions, activities, and exercises to help your community group put your faith into words and those words into the action of living out the discipleship rhythms in everyday life. 

  • Registration is required to order and purchase your book. Cost: $10
  • Select “Leader” if you are interested in leading a Saturate group.
  • Deadline for registration and payment is August 15, 2021.
  • For cash/check payments, please see someone after Service or use the paper forms available.

As a church, we partner together to accomplish the mission of Christ within the Hi-Crest Neighborhood and the city of Topeka. Please partner with us by filling out your registration form by August 15th. We will cover a portion of the cost, making books available to you at a discounted $10 per person! We have scholarships available for the cost of the book, if needed please reach out to our staff.

We don’t want to just be busy, we want to be effective. We want to fill our communities with the joy and love that comes from a very real, practical, and consistent relationship with Christ and his body. Join us this Fall as we gain tools to help us saturate our church, our community, and our lives with the gospel of Christ! 


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Jul 25 2021
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