Community Groups are the primary tool and pathway for discipleship at Fellowship Hi-Crest. Community groups form to reach a specific community, neighborhood, or network of friendships. They are usually 8-12 adults. It involves a whole family so that children can be a part of discipleship. The focus is not just on being in the community but doing life and mission together while in community.

The Fall is a great time to join as groups form and launch together. If you are not in a community group, please choose “Join New Group.”

Our groups will use discussion guides that follow the sermon series and Bible Reading plan. If you do not have a Matthew or Micah Scripture Journal, purchase them on our website or at the Connections Table for $5 each. 

If you are currently in a community group, you do not need to sign up for groups this Fall. You will continue meeting with your group as usual. 


Jul 26 2023
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