Everybody Eats

We have a saying at Fellowship Hi-Crest that Everyone Eats. It means that we do not leave people behind. We want to make sure that we are all cared for and have a place at the table.

We also know that one of the most lonely times for a single adult can be Sundays after church. Families go home with a plan for lunch, but our single adults often eat alone. It can feel isolating and lonely. Covid-19 has made this even more difficult.

Everybody Eats is a program that will match single adults of any age in our body with families in our body. On a regular basis, they will share a meal together after service. This can be in your homes or at a restaurant.

Singles and Families wanting to participate can register.

To host a single for dinner, please select Family Sign-up at the registration.



Sep 25 2022


All Day
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