Affordable Christmas Wrapping Party Volunteer Registration

This year, Fellowship Hi-Crest partnered with Mirror Inc to help identify a few families that needed extra assistance this Holiday Season. These families have been working hard and elevating our community! We are giving back to families by helping cover the cost of gifts for every family member while they give back to their community through Volunteering. We aim to make parents the Heroes of Christmas as we partner with them.

The volunteering is complete and so is the shopping! It’s time to celebrate!

On December 3rd at 1 pm, we invite all the families, Mirror Inc., community partners, and Fellowship Hi-Crest family to come to our Christmas Wrapping Party! The parents will head into Media Rooms 1 & 2 where they will wrap up all their family’s gifts. Their children can play in the gym with our volunteers while they wrap gifts.

We’ll end the party by 2:30 pm!

We need your help with the party!

If you’d like to volunteer for any of the following opportunities, please submit this registration.

  • Gift Wrapping Helper
  • Door Greeters
  • Games and Crafts with kids
  • Transportation Driver (must be over 25 yrs and complete driver screening form)

Register Here to volunteer!

or Scan the QR Code below:


Oct 23 2022
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