Our vision is that your child will be established in their faith on a transforming journey with Christ. In the end, that is what life is really all about. The grades will not be set in stone, the accolades of sports will fall away, but a thriving relationship with God through Jesus Christ will last forever.


Wednesday Night Family Dinner

Children (age 0-5th grade) will join their parents for dinner, worship, and prayer time from 5:00pm-6:20 pm and break into their age appropriate classroom from 6:20-7:30.

Each child will be in the same classroom they are in on Sunday mornings (see above) and will spend time in community playing with age-appropriate toys and books. There will be a time for team building, reviewing the Bible verse of the week and engaging with safe, loving adults.

The Mountain

The Mountain is our weekend ministry to children and occurs during our Sunday service at 11:00am.

The Nursery

Age Group: Birth through age 3 (after September 1st)

The Nursery is located down the hall from the gym. We want to provide a safe place for our youngest attenders to bloom. The nursery rooms are safe, clean, equipped with age-appropriate toys and books and divided into two age groups: 0-12 months, 12-36 months. Each week our nursery learns about their Maker and Savior adapting our Base Camp (Preschool) Curriculum to suit their age stage.

Base Camp

Age Group: 3 years old by Sept 1st through Kindergarten.

Mountain exhibitions continue at Base Camp. Base Camp, using the climbing analogy, is where climbers gather supplies, receive final instruction before a climb and where their journey begins. So it is with the Base Camp portion of our Mountain program.

Our Base Camp occurs During Sunday morning services. It is for children ages 3 to 5. Base Camp is located down the hall from the gym.

Never boring, our children begin their adventure with worship, a large teaching time and small group time. That’s right, even our preschool students are in small groups. We believe that if we can engage them in community at an early age, they will never want to live without it. In their small groups, they play games, read stories, do crafts and eat snacks that are all centered on the lesson of the day.

The Mountain

Age Group: Kindergarten through 5th Grade

As the journey leaves Base Camp in the rearview mirror, the next goal is climbing the Mountain. These elementary years mimic well an actual Mountain expedition; parts are challenging, thrilling, exhilarating, deflating, stretching.

Our Mountain program occurs at 11 AM on Sundays. Our trail groups (broken up my grade and gender) meet in the specific areas to start the program before kicking off the service with worship and large group teaching. After our large group time is done, our groups move into a time of small groups (trail groups) and activity time, before ending in the same place where they began.


If you are interested in volunteering in our Mountain or Base Camp ministry please fill out the online application below.

Adult Volunteer Application
Student Volunteer Application