The Community Collective team focuses on reaching outside the walls of the church to our neighbors through life changing events, programs and partnerships! In 2021 our church body volunteered 900 hours in the community and gave back $28,500 to the neighborhood.
The Community Collective Team helps to organize some of Fellowship Hi-Crest’s largest events, such as:
  • Summer Fireworks Extravaganza – Each summer we host a 20-minute firework show in the community.  There are Inflatables, Water Slides, Food Trucks, and a live DJ. 
  • Hi-Crest Serve Day – 


Helping people take steps from being a guest at FellowshipHi-Crest to being fully connected! We want to help people take their first steps into a community and join a volunteer team. We do this in a few different ways:

Pizza with the Pastor

Meet and greet time with the leadership of Fellowship Hi-Crest. This is your opportunity to learn more about who we are as a church and how we live out our mission of walking with others in the community through the power of Jesus Christ. Our next class will be on February 13th. Sign Up Here.

Next Steps Class

This is a class that teaches what it means to be a full Partner of Fellowship Hi-Crest including our discipleship model, the importance of serving, being in community, baptism, and giving.  It teaches what it means for the church to be accountable to one another.  At the end of it, Participants have the opportunity to commit to becoming partners of Fellowship Hi-Crest.


Community Groups

The only power that we have to change comes from the Spirit of God, using the Word of God, in the context of the community of God. And it’s because God intends for us to share life together with others who are also seeking to grow with Him. This is why community groups are an essential part of life at Fellowship Hi-Crest, and why we encourage everyone to find community. 

What is community? At Fellowship Hi-Crest, we define community as a group of people joyfully sharing life as they find and follow Jesus Christ. It is spending regular time with others in a home, public space, or at a workplace during both structured and non-structured times. 

Community is time in God’s word, enjoying fellowship, caring for the needs of one another, loving our neighbors, and holding each other accountable for growing as a disciple of Jesus Christ. 

One way our groups serve is through Missional Giving. Four times a year, we give each group back 5% of their group’s total giving to the church’s general giving account for the previous month, so they can be a blessing to someone else. It might be something like paying a bill, covering a date night, baby sitting, or any other need the person might have. 

Groups come in all shapes and sizes – married/engaged couples, singles, men’s, women’s, with kids, without kids, online, in-person, etc.! No matter where you are or who you are, we will help you find a group or help you start a community group. Get Connected today! Check out the REAP document below. For a list of more resources visit our Services Page.


In our services we strive to create environments that creatively reflect our community through diverse sets of multicultural music and representation from the stage. The format may vary as we look for ways to best support the highlighted scriptures that week, but typically we enter worship with a pre-service song about 10 minutes before service starts and then after a welcome continue with a brief 10-15 minute set of music prior to the 30 minute message. After the message we come back together for a response song usually followed by a Cultural Vision Moment or a video of a “God Story” from within the body. Songs and scripture are presented primarily in English with a mixture of spanish lyrics and presented on the screen to help the congregation to engage. Stylistically our team presents a mixture of CCM and Gospel songs and our messages are tailored towards allowing people to practically live out the scriptures in their daily lives. We end each service with a “Weekly Challenge” designed to help us begin to practice something from God’s word that week. If you’re interested in learning more about our Worship experience or Worship Arts team, reach out to Brail Watson or Apply Below.

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