Our Connections team helps people take their first steps to community and a place to serve.

Are you new to Fellowship Hi-Crest? Do you find yourself asking questions like: How did this church start?, What do they offer?, What do they believe about God?, Is this the church for me? , What’s next for me? Join us for lunch as we answer all these questions and more.

This team plays a vital role in hosting our Sunday Morning services on Facebook and YouTube. They are the smiling face guiding the chats while we worship and learn about God’s word. They welcome, ask questions, provide links to next steps, and offer prayer. This team takes online service from just watching a video to really engaging in community.

To Serve with CONNECTIONS:


Community Collective is more than an event. Missions is more than a trip. Our Community Collective team focuses on building deep relationships with our community. We work with the local schools, churches, businesses, and other non-profits to see to the well-being and full flourishing of our community. Our events are focused on deepening these relationships.

Bless School Teams – Supports and encourages the staff at local Schools through monthly “blessings,” such as notes of encouragement, food, and fun, seasonal displays.

Hi-Crest Market Team – Engage and build relationship each month at the SENT Hi-Crest Market. We do a giveaway, share about our church, and invite people to our next event.

United Community for a Successful School Year – United for a Successful School Year is a collaboration of multiple churches under the leadership of New Mount Zion Baptist Church that provides select school supplies and community resources to Topeka public school students and families. This event happens before the start of the new school year in the New Mount Zion Baptist Church parking lot, 2801 SE Indiana Ave.

Affordable Christmas – Area churches are working together to partner with parents to show love to their children through gift giving. Parents pay 20% of the retail cost of gifts or volunteer 2 hours per child. The church helping parents care for their children is a picture of our heavenly Father’s care for us. To serve with Outreach, click the button below.


Worship is our response to God for who He is and what He has done. It is expressed by what we say, what we sing, and most of all, the way we live. This happens both individually and when we are gathered together. The Worship Arts ministry of Fellowship Hi-Crest strives to create environments and experiences for people to engage with God through worship music and the arts so that they grow to worship and glorify God in every area of their lives.

Music and singing praise to God is one clear way for us to respond to God in worship, and it is a command to all (Psalm 66:1-2). It connects the truth of Scripture with the emotion of our hearts. It helps us remember deep truths about God as we go through our week. Because of this, the words we sing are extremely important to us. We carefully select songs that accurately reflect and draw from the Word of God. It is for this reason, we are intentional about teaching and leaving time to reflect on the words of these songs when we sing and throughout the worship service. Our prayer is that even when we disagree, we can share a common understanding rooted in love, so as to better understand the depth and length and breadth of God’s love for us! 

Jesus is our Savior, and He has done great things for us. He is worthy of all praise and honor and glory. Join us as we offer up both our praise and our lives to worship our risen Lord!

Interested in being a part of the worship team? Fill out the form at the link below and someone will be in contact with you.


The only power that we have to change comes from the Spirit of God, using the Word of God, in the context of the community of God. And its because God intends for us to share life together with others who are also seeking to grow with Him. This is why community groups are an essential part of life at Fellowship Hi-Crest, and why we encourage everyone to find community.

What is community? At Fellowship Hi-Crest, we define community as a group of people joyfully sharing life as they find and follow Jesus Christ. It is spending regular time with others in a home, public space, or at a workplace during both structured and non-structured times. Community is time in God’s word, enjoying fellowship, caring for the needs of one another, loving our neighbors, and holding each other accountable for growing as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Groups come in all shapes and sizes – married/engaged couples, singles, men’s, women’s, with kids, without kids, online, in-person, etc.! No matter where you are or who you are, we will help you find a group or help you start a community group.

How do I find community? You can start by filling out our  Community Group Interest Form and we’ll start the process from there!

Interested in leading a group? Please submit the Group Leader Application.

If you have any questions about life-giving community at Fellowship, contact our Campus Director of Ministries, Jill Rice,, 785.431.0404. 

Ways to stay in community during the coronavirus.

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